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Códigos de los DUMP's de SNES

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por black_prince
Por si alguien no se ha dado cuenta, los ROM's bien organizados tienen una etiqueta al final del nombre; estas etiquetas, que por lo general vienen dentro de corchetes y/o paréntesis, tienen cada una su significado, y aunque aquí en peaso.com los ROM's que se distribuyen están probados, no todos se consiguen de aquí y es bueno tener conocimiento sobre que significa cada una.

Aquí les dejo una lista de códigos que espero que sean de su utilidad. Se incluyen tambien codigos de dump's de otras consolas en caso de que te topes con algunos de ellos.

Standard Codes

[!] Verified Good Dump The ROM is an exact copy of the cartridge; it has not had any hacks or modifications.

[a] Alternative version The ROM is an alternative release of the game. Many games have been re-released to fix bugs or to eliminate Game Genie codes.

[ b ] Bad Dump A ROM image which has been corrupted during its distribution. They often have graphics errors or sometimes don't work at all.

[f] Fixed Dump A fixed dump is a game that has been altered to work better on a flashcart or an emulator.

[h] Hacked ROM The ROM has been user modified, with examples being changing the internal header or country codes, applying a release group intro, or editing the games content.

[o] Overdumped ROM The ROM contains some non executable data in it. It doesn't affect the game at all, it just makes the ROM bigger.

[p] Pirated version A dump of a pirated version of a cartridge; they often have their copyright messages or company names removed or corrupted.

[t] Trained version A trained ROM is a ROM which either has been hacked to include cheats, or includes a cheat menu for users to use cheats ingame.

[!p] Dump Pending This is the closest dump to the original cart but the proper ROM is waiting to be dumped.

Country Codes

(A) Asia/Australia
(As) Asia
(B) Brazil
(C) Canada
(Ch) Chinese
(D) Netherlands
(E) Europe
(F) France
(G) Germany
(HK) Hong Kong
(I) Italy
(J) Japan
(K) Korea
(Nl) Netherlands
(No) Norway
(R) Russia
(S) Spain
(Sw) Sweden
(U) United States
(UK) United Kingdom
(W) Worldwide
(Unl) Unlicensed
(PD) Public domain, free software, and freeware
(Unk) Unknown country
(-) Unknown Country

Universal Codes

(NG-Dump Known) No good dump has been found
(REVXX) Revision number (00 is earliest)
(VX.X) Revision number (1.0 is earliest)
(M#) Number of languages (selectable by a menu)
[T+XXX] Most recent translation
[T-XXX] Obsolete translation
??-in-1 Pirate Multicart
(Vol #) Official multicart
(GCN) Nintendo GameCube rip
[h#C] Hacked internal cartridge information
[h#+#C] Hacked internal cartridge information; #th variant
[hI] Hacked dumping group intro
[hIR] Hacked dumping group intro removed
[M] Mono-color game
(Alpha) Alpha version
(Beta) Beta version
(Prototype) Prototype version
(Pre-Release) Pre-Release version
(Kiosk Demo) Demonstration version available at Kiosks
(Hack) ROM Hack
(Menu) Multicart menu, unselectable options
ZZZ_UNK Unclassified ROM

BIOS Copy of console's basic in/out system

(N64DD) Nintendo 64 Disk Drive ROM
(##MBit) ROM Size in Megabits
(##k) ROM Size in Kilobits
(19XX) Release Year (20th Century)
(20XX) Release Year (21st Century)
(Atmos) Atmos ROM (GoodOric Only)
(Telestrat) Telestrat ROM (GoodOric Only)
[R] RSID Format (GoodPSID) Only)
(old) Old Version
[R-XXX] Language
(SC-3000) SC-3000 Cartridge (GoodSMS Only)
(SG-1000) Sega SG-1000 Cartridge (GoodSMS Only)
(SF-7000) SF-7000 Cartridge (GoodSMS Only)
(GG2SMS) Sega Master System Mode (GoodGG Only)
(Cart) Cartridge format
(Adam) ADAM Version (GoodCol Only)
(Compilation) The ROM is a dump of a compilation
(Ch-Trad) Pirate Traditional Chinese Game
(Ch-Simple) Pirate Simple Chinese Game
[f1C] Hack, only cart name is changed
(PAL) European
(NTSC) American

Translation Codes

Bra Brazilian Portuguese
Chi Chinese
Eng English
Dut Dutch
Fin Finnish
Fre French
Ger German
Gre Greek
Ita Italian
Jap Japanese
Kor Korean
Nor Norwegian
Pol Polish
Por Portuguese
Rus Russian
Ser Serbian
Spa Spanish
Swe Swedish

Game Specific Codes

GoodGBA codes:
[hIR00] Intro removed; replaced with 00 values
[hIRff] Intro removed; replaced with ff values
[f_?] removed EEPROM_V124 patched
[v] Game Boy Advance Video
[eb] E-book ROM
[eba] E-Book Advance ROM
[ebb] Book Reader Advance ROM
[f125] Removed EEPROM_V125
[f126] Removed EEPROM_V126
(IQue) Chinese Game Boy Advance ROM for IQue Console
Coleco on GBA Emulated ColecoVision ROM via Coleco on GBA emulator
Cologne Emulated ColecoVision ROM via Cologne emulator
DrSMS Emulated Sega Master System ROM via DrSMS emulator
FooN Emulated ZX Spectrum ROM via FooN emulator
PocketNES Emulated NES ROM via PocketNES emulator
FC2GBA Emulated NES ROM via FC2GBA emulator
Goomba Emulated Game Boy ROM via Goomba emulator
GBAGI Emulated Adventure Game Interpreter Game via GBAGI emulator
Swanadvance Emulated WonderSwan ROM via Swanadvance emulator
PCEAdvance Emulated TurboGrafx-16 ROM via PCEAdvance emulator
PocketSMS Emulated Sega Master System ROM via PocketSMS emulator
PocketSNES Emulated SNES ROM via PocketSNES emulator
SNESAdvance Emulated SNES ROM via SNESAdvance emulator
Snezzyboy Emulated SNES ROM via Snezzyboy emulator
VGB Emulated Game Boy ROM via VGB Emulator
Pogoshell Program for Pogoshell tool
s##e## Series Number and Episode Number for videos
(MB) Multiboot ROM
(MB2GBA) Multiboot Game converted to GBA format
-e e-Reader ROM
+ ## NES Unlicensed Multicart with ## NES Games
NDS Nintendo DS Slot-2 cartridge dump
GoodBook E-Book using Goodbook converter
TextReader E-Book using TextReader Converter
PictureBoy E-Book using PictureBoy Converter
ReadBoy E-Book using ReadBoy Converter
(via kiczek) ROM was created by kiczek

GoodGBx codes:
[C] Game Boy Color version
[S] Super Game Boy version
[BF] Bung Fix
(Bung) ROM is on a Bung Cartridge
NES Conversion NES ROM Converted to Game Boy Color ROM
GBS Player Game Music Player

GoodGen codes:
(1) Japan & Korea (GoodGen v0.999.7 Only)
(4) USA & Brazil (GoodGen v0.999.7 Only)
(5) NTSC (GoodGen 0.999.7 Only)
( 8 ) PAL (GoodGen 0.999.7 Only)
(F) World (GoodGen v0.999.7 Only)
(B) Non-USA (GoodGen v0.999.7 Only)
[c] Known bad checksum but good dump
[x] Thought to have bad checksum
(J-Cart) Original Cartridge has two controller ports on it
(SN) Sega-Net Game
(REVXB) Sonic the Hedgehog Japanese Version 2
(REVSC02) Sonic Compilation Version of Sonic 2
(MP) MegaPlay Version
(MD Bundle) ROM comes from Sega Mega Drive\Genesis Pack-in Game
(Alt Music) Alternative Music version of Sonic Spinball

GoodNES Codes:
(PC10) PlayChoice-10 version
(VS) VS Version
[hFFE] Copied from Far East Copiers
[hMxx] Hacked to run on mapper xx
SMB# Unspecified Super Mario Bros. Hack
(Aladdin) Runs with an Aladdin Cartridge that locks out 10NES lockout chip
(Sachen) Unlicensed Game by Sachen
(KC) Konami Classic
(PRG0) Program Revision 0
(PRG1) Program Revision 1
[U] Universal NES image file format
(Mapper ##) Mapper Number
(FDS Hack) Hacked from the Family Computer Disk System to NES
(GBA E-reader) Hacked from the e-Reader Card
(E-GC) NES ROM Ripped from European Nintendo GameCube
(J-GC) NES ROM Ripped from Japanese Nintendo GameCube

GoodSNES Codes:
(BS) Broadcast Satellite (Satellaview) ROM
(ST) Sufami Turbo
(NP) Nintendo Power exclusive

Para los codigos de los cartuchos, ver viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2691
y para los DSP ver viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2682

Re: Códigos de los DUMP's de SNES

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por fran_friki
Siempre pierdo este txt jaja, así que este post es de los mejores aportes que hay!!

Re: Códigos de los DUMP's de SNES

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por black_prince
Jeje ya no se te va a perder. Que lo disfrutes.

Re: Códigos de los DUMP's de SNES

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por adelheid
Jeje genial hace tiempo fran me dijo que me lo pasaria, pero nada que me lo paso xD por fin lo encontre

muy bien hecho Prince :3